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I live by the wise words of Ernest Hemingway: "for a true writer each (work) should be a new beginning where he tries again for something that is beyond attainment.”

I put everything I have into each piece I work on. If you’d like to learn more about my books, don’t hesitate to click on the following covers.

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Donald Bieber

"I found “The Witch of Maple Park” an intriguing mystery. It introduces the flawed detective, Harry Grouch, as the unwilling investigator of a gruesome murder. As the book progresses, it becomes evident that a parallel crime took place in Staten Island, NY, more than 150 years earlier. The integration of the two crimes as well as the development of Harry Grouch as a character is the outstanding achievement of the author, Mr. Tell. The book is an enjoyable read and I look forward to further Harry Grouch." mysteries."

Arthur Steuer

"Nanobe" is a real page turner. I had trouble putting down the book, which resulted in my staying up at night way past my usual time on the two evenings that I read it. It is a wonderful, fast moving mystery novel that includes humor, real people, and gives insight into what goes on in a hospital.

Bernard Abrams

"Stradella's Revenge" is a thinking person's mystery replete with historical cross references, interesting multidimensional characters and a notable lack of gratuitous violence. the interplay between the past and the present is refreshing and educational in a most entertaining way. After 3 Harry Grouch books, Harry has become my friend and I can't wait for more adventures.

Book Beagle

Harry Grouch does it again in his most-intriguing case yet. In "Deep Pockets," Author Robert Tell has created a cohesive, hospital-based page-turner populated with a ruthless syndicate of medical malpractice attorneys, double agents galore, Russian hit men and honeymooning detectives. It's fun, intriguing -- and fertile fodder for a movie to be! Question: Does Harry Grouch seem a bit less grouchy since his marriage to longtime fellow detective Judy Pacas?

John Yon

"Thirsty Planet" spans a century showing how our choices today could affect the future. The dystopian future is ruined by corporate greed and environmental insensitivity. Along comes a brilliant scientist with an idea to literally turn back the clock to change the future. Two characters come together against all odds and make it all possible against the backdrop of a religious awakening. Is it coincidence or a divine plan? This is a wonderful story with many layers. Peel the onion and enjoy.

Carol B. Bursack

"Dementia Diary: A Caregiver's Journal," is personal, warm and witty. It's also heartbreaking. Tell is open with the pain one suffers watching the personality changes dementia brings to a beloved parent. He is an only child. This brings a unique loneliness in handling the sometimes slow, often startling changes dementia can bring. There is a deep feeling that no one can truly understand. Tell brings this home powerfully in his memoir. I have already recommended it to readers of my column and by email, when I coach people through their personal caregiving pain.

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I grew up in Brooklyn, New York while the Dodgers were still in town. Ebbets Field was my temple and "the boys of summer" (Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, Pee Wee Reese, Carl Furillo, Roy Campanella, Gill Hodges, Billy Cox and Don Newcombe) were my heroes.

They taught me how to maintain hope in the face of overwhelming odds and repetitive defeats, and to never give up. It was good training for an aspiring author.....

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"Writing is the geometry of the soul"



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